Vodka Drink Suggestions – 3 Highly Suggested Vodka Cocktails


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Vodka Drink & Vodka Cocktail Recipes

One thing that will always make friends come over to lounge around despite a long day at the office is knowing you’ve got vodka and a bit of creativity. Vodka is the almost undetectable liquor that allows everything in the mix to uncover their best characters. Thus, having vodka in your home’s bar is a great factor that funnels people to your place for a party whether it is for a special occasion or if it is to warm up a boring evening.

As of the present, plain vodka still sits in the best places in bars. However, you can have flavored vodka to create even more exciting mixes. Of course, using such versions of vodka still give your vodka cocktail recipes the flavor and the fun you and your buddies can look forward to.

If you are an upcoming cocktail party host and you are still which vodka drinks to serve, better try these fun

Suggested Vodka Cocktail Recipes


Vodka cocktail recipes – Wicked Tasty Treat

"Vodkacocktail recipes – Wicked Tasty Treat” width=”150″ height=”150″ />This mix is one of the most exciting vodka cocktail recipes. This is especially when it comes to warming up an evening with some thing that has its own kick but still remains sweet.
For the Wicked Tasty Treat, you will need an ounce each of cinnamon vodka, amaretto, coffee liquor, Irish cream and whipped cream.
Prepare your cocktail glass by dipping its rim on the amaretto. After the amaretto, dip the glass’ rim on powdered sugar. Combine all the liquors with the cream into a cocktail shaker. Add some ice and shake. Strain your mix into the cocktail glass you’ve previously rimmed. You can garnish the cocktail with whipped cream or have a cinnamon stick on it.


Vodka Cocktail Recipes – Starry Night Martini


cocktail drinksThe Starry Night Martini is definitely one among the best vodka cocktail recipes that will surely give you a great feel after a gulp. It is rich in flavor and it kicks in such a manner you will love. We knew you’d want a good martini recipe and were actively searching for recipes for martinis, so here is our favorite:
Get started by pouring the 1 1/2 ounce of chocolate vodka and 1 ½ ounce of vanilla vodka simultaneously in a cocktail shaker. Next, pour an ounce of Irish cream and an ounce of kahlua simultaneously into the same shaker. Add a splash of cream and shake the mixture. Empty the contents of the shaker by straining them in a cocktail glass.


Vodka cocktail recipes -Fresh Melon Martini


cocktailsThe name says it all. A great tip in making vodka cocktail recipes where fruits are used is to try your best to have fresh fruits over canned or preserved ones. Doing so will not only give your cocktails better taste but will also spare you from preservatives and other stuff you don’t want in your drink.
Make a Fresh Melon Martini by slicing a cantaloupe melon and a honeydew melon for the blender. Blend them to a bland. Meanwhile, place 2 ounces of melon vodka to a cocktail shaker that is filled half-way with crushed ice. Add 2-4 ounces of the blended melon. Shake and strain to a cocktail glass. You may add a melon ball to garnish the drink or just serve it right off.

Vodka cocktail recipes are absolutely fun and easy to prepare. Using vodka to create drinks and mixes will surely make the fun level of any simple party sky-rocket. Try these exciting drinks and see for yourself.

Highly Suggested Vodka cocktails – Not Always a Martini!

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