Simple Steps for a Delightful Cosmopolitan Recipe

Simple Steps for a Delightful Cosmopolitan Recipe


Almost everyone wants a cosmo in their hands. Part of the credit is due to the popular TV series Sex and the City. However, majority of these favors are credited to the drink’s delightful taste. Due to this demand, it is not surprising to know that every bartender has a signature cosmopolitan recipe. If you want to have your own cosmopolitan cocktail recipe to brag about, you should first learn about the basic 1, 2, 3 to call your own cosmopolitan the drink.

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Invest in good ingredients for your cosmopolitan.

Your cosmopolitan recipe requires a couple ounces of vodka, an ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice, an ounce of triple sec and some cranberry juice to add color to the cocktail. Now think that every bottle of spirit is an investment and this is true for making a cosmo. Try to have the best you can have for your own cosmopolitan cocktail recipe. You can expect mid-class spirits and even the premium ones to give better qualities as far as the resulting drink is concerned.

Learn the basic procedure of creating a cosmopolitan.

Surely, there are a lot of versions of this well-known drink. However, if you want to have your signature cosmo then start from the top and learn how a simple cosmopolitan cocktail is┬ámade. Here is how:┬áChill a martini glass and get your cocktail shaker ready by placing ice in it. Now add your ingredients and shake them well. Afterwards, strain the mix on the previously chilled martini glass. Garnish it with lime by running the slice on the glass’ rim and dropping it on the drink.

Know the substitutions you can have for the basic ingredients of a Cosmo Cocktail.

Your signature cosmopolitan requires you to have a good knowledge of the basics of the drink. However, you will need a good imagination and creativity to play with so you can pull out your own recipe. This is quite easy as you have vodka to back you up! Flavored vodka is something to start with. Also, if you want to give your cosmo a different hue, skip the cranberry juice and go for something else of a different color. If you want to experiment on the drink’s consistency, skip the shaker and use a stirrer. Basically, you have an endless list of choices.


cocktail drinksA cosmopolitan cocktail recipe will always hold the crowds favor. Thus, if you want to be your own cocktail expert, or if you want to at least have your own cosmo to be proud of, then remember the simple 1, 2, 3 to a delightful cosmopolitan cocktail recipe.

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